Users browsing this forum: Only rebooting would make it change hue. But i also have an Asus spv board in one of my systems and it did surprise me. If it had been very unstable, I probably would’ve remembered it, but I suppose these could be troublesome in certain configurations. I’m going to have a look tomorrow on a Asus SPV motherboard and asking for opinions. Wouldn’t always get there.

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VOGONS • View topic – Opinions about Asus SPV motherboard

I only dealt with 2 and not this model, but I found the socket 7 SIS boards with chipset integrated video to be very flaky and unstable even if you did not use the integrated video and used an add-in card.

My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here! There are problems with asis motherboard and have not found the reason. It just showed 64 megabytes. Last edited by psychz on The experience f turned me off SIS. The AT power supply voltages are also in okay as I checked them.

ASUS Sp97-v Socket 7 at Motherboard 200mhz Mmx & RAM

Personally I would pass if fideo has the Please advice if you have experience of similar problems. I think one of the main reasons I never put it together again after I had moved and had everything stores in boxes was because the old harddrive I used in that rig was just so damned loud!


This site hosts no abandonware. I don’t remember specifically if it was flickering or a color issue or what exactly, but it was some kind of problem like that.

What issues could it cause? Only rebooting would make it change hue. Anyway, it still might be interesting to have as most others AT s7 boards were those plain i? Return to General Old Hardware. Capacitors vixeo okay and I have not found any other defects either.

On reboots add-in video cards would randomly display with vivid off color hues that vireo always the same off color. Is it worth buying this one? Users browsing this forum: I have heard similar experiences from other people and actually thought it was the usual case with those chips. Didn’t matter which video card I used.

For the most of the time, the screen is black when powering on, but sometimes it manages to start. Board index All times are UTC.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. But i also have an Asus spv board in one of my systems and it did surprise me. You can teach a man to fish and feed him for life, but if he can’t handle sushi you must also teach him to cook. If you want a non-super 7 board i would look for an intel tx or hx board. Haven’t come across any as of yet I did play some games on it, but I really can’t remember if it had any particular issues ssp97 weren’t because of the semi-randomness with which this system was put together 98SE was autopatched iirc, harddrive was suspended DIY-style, can’t remember what sound solution I used.


It was one of my earlier rigs completed and was more a testbench for some experiments. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

If you want a s;97 socket 7 board that can do it all i would go for a super socket 7 board as it supports every single socket 7 cpu including the k, k at full speed mhz frontside bus and has an agp slot.

IIRC some ram was dedicated to the on-board video even with it disabled. The price will probably be between euros, so it’s not very much.