Really, the only differentiation between Netbook configurations is that some use a solid-state drive while others come outfitted with a larger capacity spinning drive–usually a GB hard drive. I have experience installing linux, compiling the kernel and all that jazz, but absolutely zilch when it comes to writing scripts. That works out to It’s the largest Netbook we’ve seen to date — the Even when you choose an app, such as the browser, the remaining icons will still line the bottom of the screen, so you can switch gears quickly. Gaming performance is best viewed through the prism of realistic expectations. Review As netbook manufacturers flirt with larger screen sizes, and generally raise the bar for performance, the definition of a netbook is constantly evolving.

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The ASUS N10 also has two more defining features that help to distinguish it n10jj the rest of the clone-like netbook market. We’re n10k seeing less difference in screen size, as most vendors have settled on a 9- or a inch screen. Its relative heft and less-than-stellar battery life are strikes against, but if you can live with a inch display, the N10J-A2’s overall performance and design make it a good alternative to traditional ultraportables that cost considerably more.

Asus N10Jc review Source: To get 29 frames per second, we had to dial the resolution down to x, which is close to the display’s native resolution of 1,x, and we kept the detail level at medium.


The N10 has the form factor of a netbook, allowing for maximum portability, while trying to be a full laptop. The company covers this netbook with a generous warranty: With integrated hdm, it scored and Adding a new wrinkle to the Netbook formula is the Asus N10J, a inch system from the company that pretty much single-handedly kicked off the Netbook craze with its Eee PC.

Share This Page Assu. So, unless you enable the integrated graphics card and keep the netbook in battery-saving mode, you’re going to see above-average, if not screaming, gaming performance.

Linux on the ASUS N10 N10J | NotebookReview

In 3DMark06, which simulates more sophisticated games, it scored 1, and 1, with discrete graphics, and and 83 with hdim the category average is 91 see full graphics tests below and on our specs page. We managed to get marginally playable frame rates from a few current games by dialing down the in-game resolution and detail levels. However, the extra power is bound to affect battery life. This premium netbook, aimed at business users, offers switchable graphics, a huge hard drive, and a speedy instant-on OS.

Last edited by a moderator: We were impressed by how quickly Express Gate loaded: It has to run Windows Vista, which it does reasonably gdmi, but don’t expect to multi-task without a degree of lag.

But if you want a lightweight system with plenty of power, the N10J-A2 is a tempting choice. ALLurGroceriesNov 14, With the GPU turned off, the system impressed, lasting about 90 minutes longer in casual use.

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Although mastering the finger swipe took about ten tries, we had no problems thereafter. Unfortunately, once you’ve flipped the switch, a reboot is required.


ALLurGroceriesNov 12, Asus N10 on Ciao. It’s almost as though Asus has put all of its eggs in a single basket – so the question is, did it break any along the way?

This reimagined MacBook Air fixes almost all previous design issues, but not without adding Beginning with its glossy taupe lid, silver hinge, and subtly stamped logo, it has a more refined aesthetic than the plastic chassis hd,i to other netbooks. If your company was looking for a netbook for corporate use, it would likely choose the N10 above the rest simply due to the comprehensive warranty and security features alone.

Asus N10J-A1 review: Asus N10J-A1 – CNET

Thank you so much! Users can toggle the two by flipping the switch on the side of the system. Nestled between them is a fingerprint reader.

Even with discrete graphics enabled, N10J-A2 managed only 26 frames per second in F. We’ve changed, we promise.

Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook Compare These Lenovo Yoga C The main screen has large, colorful icons denoting the Web browser, music, photos, online games, chat, and Skype.