Sun Sep 23, 1: First, it’s necessary to use an operating system with support for this technology, for example Windows NT and Windows With the following raise of the frequency the system hung in the Quake3 20 minutes later. Internet Content Creation Bryce 4 Sun Sep 23,

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Asus CUV4X-D: Spartan Features – Muscle-Flexing: 6 Dual CPU Boards

There is no possibility for connection of one more thermistor. Sun Sep 23, 9: First, it’s necessary to use an operating system with support for this technology, for example Windows NT and Windows Asue, there are not many tests for dualprocessor systems. After installation of the VIA 4 in 1 pack 4. PCI master Some modes allow to raise the performance cv4x to Having started up the Quake3 in uniprocessor mode, we can see that everything works almost on one processor, and the second one can be used for other things.

The board includes only 5 PCI slots that’s why the lowest slot assus be used for the bracket for two additional USB ports.


In the Windows driver properties it was specified that the disc would use DMA xsus if it was available. And in case of usage of the external netcard and WOL connector on the board everything awakes excellently.

Switch your mode to OpenGL specifically not Glide and you should be good to go. Sun Sep 23, The second, an orange one, shows that the card is connected to the Mbit network. I used to use the XP drivers and they worked fine. You can enable a “fan off” mode when the system is in the “sleep” mode.

Besides, it supports booting from aasus CD. Since we are considering motherboard as a combo of hardware and software all previous results cuv4s in force. Feb 5, Posts: Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. For such cases ASUS offers its own one.

ATX Form Factor, 26 cm x If you could please have a look below at the error message I receive from Wolfenstien you might get a better idea of what’s going on: It can be difficult ot explain just by a small difference in frequency of clock generators.

Oct 12, Posts: You oughta check your Q3 settings. A LED located in the below part of the board serves an indicator of voltage supply on the board.


ASUS CUV4X-D User Manual: Advanced Menu

A CPU terminator is mounted into the second socket. But before you should get sure that BIOS auss using this mode. The driver from VIA was installed. Don’t sweat it complaining about 3dfx.

CUV4X | ASUS Global

The problems concerning soft support seem to be mostly related with VIA and I hope they will openbl solved in the nearest time. You can even mount a couple of the Thermaltake Golden Orbs.

I take it you’re using known working drivers not the latest beta crap? Although it is the ATX recommendation, not all cases have the corresponding bracket.

IDE connectors are located in the center of the board. Secondly, it’s necessary to use the required programs, e.