So i will have to get a better Motherboard ; Thank you mate: The is a solid chipset, and the IGP can be disabled. I have upgraded my old motherboard to Asrock igz. Why did not you just get a Gigabyte EPDS3 somewhere from scrap market – the standart cheap gaming classic of all time? No, that’s not the best gaming motherboard. Thats the GPU i use now Click here http:

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If the gts will work in an x4 slot then it’ll work like a charm.

O ahi, why people buy motherboards with integrated intel chips for gaming LOL, if so, than what was the motherboard before? Man this is so wrong and dumb.

I have upgraded my old motherboard to Asrock igz. As does making uninformed statements like yours. Best Regards, Edward Stark.

You can expect to see a BSOD one day. Even if you don’t disable the IGP which I believe is an option on that Asrock board, and probably the reason they used the 4x lanes from the southbridge rather than the 16 from the northbridgeit can coexist just fine with an addon card for running multiple monitors or whatnot. Will it be compatible if i put gts mb in there? You have a PCI-E 4x slot.


Does not get any worse.

ASRock > DualGV

Even in the worst case, though, new s mATX boards are pretty cheap anymore. I qgi try it out and update this topic. What an idiot i am. It’s really no different from running two different add-in cards, which many people have been doing for quite a long time with just fine results. The performance lost from 16x to 8x isn’t that large and going down to 4x won’t give you a massive loss but it will be noticeable. It’s the same size as a 16x so fitting it shouldn’t be a problem!

No, that’s not the best gaming motherboard. But those Asrock boards can be a little dodgy with ‘unsupported’ video cards. But in here http: That particular one shouldn’t give you much trouble, but you never know.

Will ensure you don’t waste your money! As far as I know the gts “should” work but I can’t guarantee anything.

asrock AGI slot problem!

Did you say Asrock G was an upgrade? Just to make sure, here, since your wording is a little vague I dont really care much about Bottleneck, It will be way better than my onboard video so Ohh no worries guys, I will upgrade my system, But i cant buy everything at once, I can afford something per month xD, So i decided to buy something that will give me the best performance.


Buying a gts Tomorrow!

The is a solid chipset, and the IGP can be disabled. I’m guessing the AGI Express is just a branding?

Do you have a spare PCI-E card you can pop in there just to try it out? You’re not an idiot, you just didn’t know something. Motherboard “I dont know wich one but i will think”. Thats the GPU i use now Click here http: