The implications for responsiveness in fighting games are clear, but somewhat careless, ham-fisted gamers like myself will have to learn to keep their fingers raised. Good product so far – makes me want to purchase more SNK classics! There are quality hinges, a smooth pneumatic piston to hold the lid open, and wiring that’s simple and clearly labeled. This could be it. And, after a lengthy play session, I don’t feel like I’ve pushed myself that much closer to arthritis. RAP4 can often be seen in fighting tournaments. The buttons are serviceable They are loud and cheap feeling though, I quickly swapped them for Sanwa without much difficulty but the lever, while decent is definitely not great.

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The Best Arcade Fight Sticks – IGN

If you’ve never used an arcade stick before, this one checks all the boxes. Though Windows recognizes the Panthera and Steam identifies it as a PS4 controller, I couldn’t immediately use it in the few games I tried.

I own two of these. The market has changed a lot. Out of the packaging, the Panthera looks like a plain box with some buttons and a joystick. Razer has put together a sturdy and simple box that’s ready to give its all to fighting games. The Start and Select buttons hide on the right side of the box where they won’t interfere with the action.

If you think the buttons are too loud, instead of buying the silent model or buying silent buttons, just trace the buttons over a blue wypall cloth google it and cut out little gaskets.


The larger, spaced out buttons also dramatically change things. Qanba Drone – PlayStation 4.

Razer even throws in a fjghtstick for any of your modding needs, such as customizing the joystick or any of the ten buttons. Note that if you click on one of these fightsttick to buy the product, IGN may get a share of the sale.

If you’re like my father who can’t get the hang of the controllers that came with the console, then I highly recommend buying this. But, the actual fighting experience as Fightztick thwack the buttons for a light-medium-heavy combo attack and land an equally strong succession of hits even if I was supposed to do a different combo is so responsive, rewarding, and easy to execute, I don’t think I’ll switch back to a controller any time soon.

Quality construction, joystick and buttons.

Razer Panthera arcade fightstick review | PC Gamer

The whole product feels premium and sturdy fithtstick has some weight to it which adds to the quality feeling.

The buttons on the right are in a slightly different position, making a harder curve downwards. Supports Direct Input, X-Input. The mods took about 20 minutes The build quality feels a little cheaper than the Drone and it uses similar own-brand buttons and parts, but this is a great super-cheap beginner stick. This page is here racade help you figure out which that might be by talking a little about the value of arcafe control method and showing you some of the best options on the market in each style.

If you need a little guidance, here are the best fighting sticks to get you started.


Arcade Sticks

I find I can do a quick succession of taps with separate fingers to throw out a combo that would have otherwise been a frantic rush for my thumb on a standard controller. It gets high marks from reviewers for its aesthetics and premium-quality Sanwa components. A choke at each end of the long cable to prevent signal interference shows Razer has performance in mind with even minor aspects of the design.

The Panthera has a qrcade braided cable well suited for a lengthy run from wherever you’re sitting to your PC. Build and design nitpicks aside, the real focus of the Panthera is game performance, and the Sanwa hardware does a superb job.

Other than that, great arcade stick. Why do ppl give this a bad rating based on shipment problems.

The build quality is very good and the buttons feel premium, even if some people prefer sanwa parts. Its a different feeling compared to a gamepad or playstation 4 controller. The Sanwa buttons come with their own little learning curve. You can make it feel like a completely different stick with Sanwa parts.

The unibody design with the slope at the front reminds me of Hori RAP4. I recommend experimenting with the switches on the side In stock on January 1,