I’m a British Mae Voiceover and had my mic going through a Pre-Amp and mixing desk and it was fine but having to often change the settings for different styles was always a pain in the Ass Marsh December 13, Of course, the heart of any audio interface is the quality of its conversion. No need for an extra monitor unit Its like UAD have taken the best of everything and put it in one box. Owner’s Manual Download Apollo x6 Manual. The pre-amps are ultra clean and make everything sparkle and that combined with the UAD plugin DSP processing and the console gives super control of the sessions.

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Only bummer is that the software for monitoring has yet to be released. It works flawlessly with my late Mac Pro.

DFI P4MA-MLV Motherboard Via vt audio drivers – Questions (with Pictures) – Fixya

With this unit I am able to make better mixing decisions. The hype, 4pm266a press, the hundreds of favourable reviews on literally every single website Best thing I could ever do.


The Mic preamps do what I want – provide p4,266a fidelity of the boosted signal so all the richness of an acoustic guitar remains after the considerable gain increase. I don’t need another word. Really everything you could want in a portable interface.

All my dream sounds were here.

Drivers Audio P4M266A-8237

I can mix without worrying about the amount of plug-ins I use, and the new converters reveal the most subtle details when I record. I appreciate that but I just can’t ship my unit out and wait a week to get it back. The will impart punch, presence, and character as well as its signature distortion overtones on drums, apollo, guitars, and bass.

I was told that I could send the product in, but would need to pay for shipping there and back and pay for all repairs. My last audio interface was the ‘flagship’ of a big name UK based brand.

You have coupons available! Still finding my way around the UAD ecosystem. So far only good things to report! If you do so: It seems like a solid piece of kit, and I’m pleased with the audio quality.

Apollo FireWire

Les convertisseurs sont excellents. I reached out to tech support, and spent a month going back and forth with uninstalling softwares, hardware resets, changing my Thinderbolt cable, force-updating firmware, buying power conditioners Win Windows 7, 8.


I was so sceptic that I read everything on this gear.

Dre, Herbie Hancock, Eminem. A must for sound engineers on the go. The fact that I can record direct with a plugin on it without latency thats revolutionary. Especially when tracking drums. auduo

Apollo Twin Mk II | Thunderbolt Audio Interface | Universal Audio

UAD User October 20, It has more depth and clarity. Open, clear and I can hear where everything is placed in the sound field. It has an extra octave of clear bottom, but it’s not aplolo.

I can use the monitor our direct the my speakers and thats convenient. It is still in 32bit The plug-ins sound amazing and work seamlessly. I’m most impressed so far, especially with the DSP and the plug ins.