Anyone who has used a small track pad like found on some Packard Bell sub notebooks would know that a track pad has to be the right size to be usable. The included bundle of software includes:. Games and movies benefit most, especially in dark scenes. Maybe this type of notebook requires a little more juice? One nice feature is the volume wheel control. The biggest drainage on battery life comes from the screen and WiFi. Unfortunately I get this error:

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When using the notebook at medium screen brightness without WiFi, it goes for 2h02 mins — this is with just normal Office use. You can purchase an optional 3yr pickup and return warranty, but Amill did not opt for it. There is only one type of battery available and it is definitely not a long life model.

The only noise coming from it is the hard drive and an occasional whoosh from the fan underneath which comes into action when necessary. There is support for Benchmarks I ran all benchmarks multiple times to ensure consistency.

Not great battery life No Bluetooth. At first I was worried that it was perhaps a faulty unit, but it has never given me problems.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 1536 Review (pics, specs)

But also, I have never seen a Fujitsu with a dead or lazy pixel. There is dedicated customer care number on the box, and none of that free 90 day nonsense. This is one area where Fujitsu normally shines — and well it does here as well. What is going on? The included bundle of software includes:. I wish it had a Track point type button, but this will do.


I wanted at least a gigabyte of memory and I am very happy with the performance — although I am not happy that the notebook comes with MHz DDR2 memory when it does support Zata chips.

Luckily I use decent desktop speakers at home. But I guess that would have significantly raised the cost. The machine ships with a standard one year warranty — nothing special. The amili pads get a little warm when plugged in, but nothing to worry about. For about the same price one can purchase a similarly specced notebook with a 2GHz single-core Centrino processor.

When used for walking distance in a backpack, this machine is easy to carry around.

I sleep with it every night quite close to my head so I am very happy. However, with these glossy type screens you will not want to run your screen at the lowest brightness, the reflections just become too distracting. While I was normally not very impressed with Fujitsu-Siemens 15556 due to build quality issues, I am actually very happy with this notebook. Setup doesn’t recognize the SATA harddisk.


It works for 156 length of the warranty.

Fujitsu Amilo Pi Pi Hard Drive gb SSD Sata3 MLC | eBay

The included bundle of software includes: I am by no means a gamer, but I have tested a few games like Call of Duty 2 and Half Life 2 just to see how it handles, and Amiol am very impressed. It is also very silent. Luckily I am quite happy with it — no creaking or loose feeling parts. Setup could not find my hdd Any other suggestions?

The hinges of the screen feel well built amiloo just the right amount of stiffness when closing and opening. One nice feature is the volume wheel control.

I already contected Intel and Fujitsu-Siemens about this, but Intel says “it’s OEM, so go to FJ” despite the fact that intel does have the drivers and everything on their own website and FJ says “we only support the OS delivered with your notebook, go try and find some drivers on internet or something”.

Lastly, graphics amili is satisfactory. But I am glad I stuck with my choice.