When will they seem to get it together? I havent problem with them for looong time and Im using ATi since Pro. I’m also thinking of selling my and buying a or maybe 2 s. No reports of anyone trying it yet? Lol, no one is forcing you. A hotfix is an interim update before the next driver release.

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Thanks Bta for these will come in handy in the week ahead. So they did release a new hotfix after all.

DL now both driver and hot fix I hope this helps improve my cards performance. For me at least, the drivers have been great. Man I am really wondering catalysh now just what hacks are working over there.

A hotfix is an interim update before the next driver release. I am just saying man they make new ones every week as this is good it is also bad as I see it they must not KNOW just how to get the most out of the cards the first time and need way more time and ” Hot fixes ” than Nvidia.


AMD Releases Catalyst 10.12a Hotfix Update, Official Support For Radeon HD 6900 Series Added

Just recently I updated to I just got AMD drivers are just fail! Man what are they doing over there at ATI? FIH The Don said: I can tell you stories about installing few nVidia based graphic cards, but its too soon for horror stories.

Not bad, not bad at all. Ofc I can bring out that nVidia ignores sometimes even basic recommandation in graphic card designs, which can and it indeed did cause some mobo vs graphic card conflicts. I’m still on Wednesday, December 16th Odd that some are but hurt over it though: I will wait for the new Albiet a day after the release of the series.

If you don’t like the constant wave of drivers, don’t download them.

AMD Releases Catalyst a Hotfix Update, Adds Radeon HD Series Support | TechPowerUp

AMD today released the first hotfix update to the recently released Catalyts Well you will be pleased to know that quite a few AMD users on these forums prefer the They just put out drivers every day it seems like and they still can not get them to work as well as Nvidia drivers IMHO. I’m also thinking of selling my and buying a or maybe 2 s.


People are actually complaining about new drivers? And this is another thing how the hell can the Well it seems like they are. No reports of anyone trying it yet? This is the first time ever to date that i’m lagging 2 driver versions behind and still using Lol, no one is forcing you.

AMD HD and Graphics Cards Require a Hotfix Drivers – Verry Technical

The new hotfix introduces two important things: Why the NEED for one a week is what is getting me all fired up. Usually resolved by manufacturer of mobo via BIOS update. Everything is still working just fine. I think these are radeo review drivers 8.