You won’t have to copy and paste text from a computer-aided translation website anymore. Both x86 and x64 versions are provided in the archive. Download Driver Amcap Version 9. TipCam Record video from desktop. No installation is required. Buy Motion Detection Released: AMCap is a still and video capture application with cheap webcams or advanced video capture cards.

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We use cookies to ensure a complete experience on our 100. I added many features versioon I was requested, including: CamStudio Record the desktop. It makes it easy to identify driver installation problems or USB issues: Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here. Most Video-for-Windows and DirectShow-compatible devices are supported whether they are cheap webcams or advanced video capture cards.

AMCap will help you with video capture performed using a predetermined capture device.

Amcap Directshow Video Capture Sample Version 9.00 Driver

Dec 11, File size: Improved analog tuner support for both TV and radio broadcasting Still capture by pressing a key or possibly an hardware trigger Periodic snapshots for automatic still capture Configurable crosshair and on-screen display OSD Experimental Text Enhancer especially designed for individuals with low vision Volume control Full screen preview with an optional AppBar for a touch-friendly experience Selectable video renderer the Video Renderer, the Video Mixing Renderers 7 and 9 and the Enhanced Video Renderer are supported Hardware video deinterlacing Video aspect ratio amcapp digital zoom control preview only Video rotation preview only Still or video overlay for customization or template purposes preview only Hideable caption and bars to leave only the preview in windowed mode Always On Top option to keep the video preview on top of any other windows stillcap.


I lost verdion one time opportunity to capture a tv show because the creator of AMCap did not tell upfront that the program will run for only 20 minutes after which he would ask for a donation.

Mac OS, Linux, etc. You won’t have to copy and paste text from a computer-aided translation website anymore.

Microsoft Amcap Free Driver Download

The author doesn’t disclose this before hand so who knows what else is hidden in it? Click the green button below to register the program and to obtain a fully functional vsrsion without any restrictions.

If you are ensure if your system meets the requirements I recommended you to run the wizard before installing your webcam. TinyTask Record screen activities and repeat actions. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid This “freeware” program will run for only 20 minutes after which it will stop capturing and a pop-up window will appear that says; Your support is needed Thank you for trying my customized version of AMCap I spent a lot of hours of research and development to implement the numerous features that I was requested and to make what AMCap is today.

AMCap Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/ (64 bit / 32 bit)

Unfortunately as a freelance software engineer, I cannot live with just freeware and I definitely need your support to earn my living and to keep working on those projects.


AMCap is a small yet fully functional video capture and preview application. It is based on the sample AMCap source versjon with DirectShow and most video capture driver amcap version 9. This patch should correct this. WinXP Ease of use: Download Driver Amcap Version 9. AMCap captures the video source recorded.

The pictures and the frames of the movies are timestamped. Video Capture Tools All the programs available from this website are designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system, they won’t work on any other platforms e. Look at most relevant Amcap vidoe capture sample version 8. Buy Motion Detection Released: I plan to enhanced the program over the time to bring additional features and to improve the analysis. Apps Related searches about amcap.

AMCap is a small-sized yet powerful video capture application that is compatible with Microsoft DirectShow. AMCap is a still and video capture application with advanced preview and recording features.

It may be disabled when installing or after installation. Is it possible to capture uncompressed video with AMCap? The application is capable for recording from audio sources thus facilitation home-made movie production with sound.

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