No such file or directory compilation terminated. Install the packages kernel-desktop-latest and kernel-desktop-devel-latest However I am surprised you need to compile anything. If you want to save yourself the hassle of updating your driver every time a kernel update is released and other such frustration…just spend the cash on a replacement card and be done with it. Existing and supported hardware was too limited for that purpose, so he contacted Atheros to bring support for their hardware to the open source community. Regardless, we kept working on MadWifi as no acceptable alternative existed.

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D -Alan MadWifi developers move to ath5k. And I would say, the larger the number of free distributions, the larger the benefit for us all even for those who don’t use them.

MadWifi developers move to ath5k Posted Sep 20, But as a general rule it helps to discourage people from starting fires deliberately. Initially his work was done for BSD systems only, and the plan was to find someone in the Linux community to port his driver to Linux.

This is what I did to get mine working. Thank you very much.

Manually installed drivers sudo lshw -C network I found the following things helpful: This will allow you to run many drivers natively, without binary emulation. Posted Sep 21, 6: In other words, alternzte way is clear now for the inclusion of an OpenHAL-based driver into the Linux kernel. If you don’t feel like back-porting a newer kernel, there are alternative options.


Built-in drivers/modules, tested only on Intrepid

All Atheros hardware has the capability to host at least two antennae. This entry was sent in by Mike Renzmann, who, again did all of the writing and detective work.

Since then the project is gaining support and has made a lot of progress towards it’s milestones and working releases.

I copy bellow the results of dmesg grep ath Maybe I should talk to ath5k developers if I can alternatr them For example, Linksys released the code for its Linux-based routers MadWifi developers move to ath5k [Posted September 20, by corbet].

MadWifi developers move to ath5k

If you run into trouble, looking at the details of that thread may be helpful. I wrote a short script which I named redo-wifi.

Break all the things. Then there are FPGA-based systems, which need an entirely different firmware design. If hostapd is set to use just. Never ask a DHCP lease on wifi0, you won’t get anything on this interface.

This issue was fixed early in But it becomes unlikely that we’ll see new features or go through major changes on that alternahe.

[ubuntu] alternate atheros madwifi driver [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

The binary HAL is a wrapper around all chipset registers, and all direct hardware access is routed through it. Many wireless controllers have drivers built into the Linux kernel, but sometimes it can be a little complicated if that is not the case.


No such file or directory tar: Kill one of my neighbor’s cows! You do see a wifi0 device, but it doesn’t work doesn’t support wireless extensionsright? A lot of them actually use an architecture that’s been around for 27 years and has never gotten a GCC port: Well, I think we need people to publish a completely free distro like gNewSense, just as we need Stallman to keep a non-negotiable stance about freedom.

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So my card stays always turned off: Madwifj “discovered” ath5k but had no rfkill option. PCI bridges exist which pose difficulties to Atheros cards and maybe other hardware too. If after everything you don’t see your network Remember that you might be trying to maadwifi to an access point that is not broadcasting its name hidden SSIDwhich is a separate issue and can be checked by enabling SSID broadcast on the access point.