Due to their unknown history and unequal playing levels i would again stress re-charging the magnets in these drivers before optimum performance should be expected from them. Share This Page Tweet. You must log in or sign up to reply here. There is no inscription on the drivers but i was told they have the tangerine phase plug and from what i have seen online they would be the g, meaning I’ll have to focus on home stereo usage Thanks for mentioning the hz crossover point as I was planning from experimenting from hz. No, create an account now. But it will still cost me as I can not get out the steel screen particals, the magnet is to strong, I have tryed high presure air and sticky tape. They have a pleasant, of all things, “woody,” coloration.

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Vintage Compression Drivers collection on eBay!

Here’s a similar thread for reference! The other drive diaphram that can play loud looks good. There was no Altec “G” but ; – Here’s the spec. It really is a must if you want accurate reproduction as it tames the mid range and extends the HF in the drivers. HiFiCanadaMay 12, I have taken both apart and the driver that is not loud has finger marks on the diaphram and it is also off set to one side.


One sounds like it’s good for airport paging P.

I think the part number is Your name or email 802s They are readily available, and not too expensive. A partial refundenought to cover replacing the diaphrams in both would make me happy, I wltec that’s as much as I can expect right now.

HiFiCanadaMay 8, However, there are a couple of ND crossover networks on sale on Ebay. I always left my screens in if they were clean, but many people remove them.

I should mention that I also got the horns with this deal, but it still is 802r. You should model your network on one of Altecs that are known to work with the components you have. HiFiCanadaMay 15, Think I might try repairing the broken lead on the one diaphragm if I can think of a alltec to do it, and give them a try first instead of buying a pair of 16ohm diaphragms.

I just finished talking to steve at GPA, and Aletc wanted a good diaphram for hi-fi use and not for very high power applications. Have fun, I hope this helps Ed. EarlKMay 15, HiFiCanadaMay 10, The time now is No, create an account now. Hanging from the porch of the ranch house, they’d make a worthy dinner bell to call the hands, but firmly secured, that’s what the holes are for, resonances are minimal.


Never take them apart like this unless you get them recharged.

Altec 802D

I think they are suppose to be on the, side were it mounts on the horn, but both are D’s, the other one has the the screen on the horn side and in good conditon. Be sure you insert an L-pad for the or it will run away from the Steve suggested the diaphram no.

The obvious tilt of the voice-coil “off-of-perpendicular” shown in the above picture just about guarantees that this diaphragm is rubbing within the gap which helps explain its lower output. Results 1 to 6 of 6.

I wired mine this way for 16 ohms and bi-ampit works, but is this okay? Overdriving alnico magnet-ed drivers will make them lose some of their charge. Do you already have an account?

They have a pleasant, of all things, “woody,” coloration. Interesting and a good find.