I guess card makers just smacked-on the cheapest caps they could get and which matched in size and voltage. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. The sound tests in DN3D setup sounded right but in the game itself the music was glitched. This clone stands out by claiming compatibility with the Sound Blaster 16 instead of merely Sound Blaster Pro 2. The problem is that PnP assigns DMA 3, but the als sound thinks that the only valid choices are 0 and 1. However, after initial success it became obvious that some of the instruments are just bad and wrong for music that was tuned for a genuine OPL3.

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It also requires no -5V, which is nice for these little systems with their simplistic PSUs. Such a treatment is appropriate for garbage-grade AC’97, but if a sound card with a real There is no auto-detection or changing of ports or IRQs in the Linux driver. They just broke the default auto-detected Windows 98 SE drivers that were working albeit with monophonic sound effects and channel-flipped stereo MIDI. An MPU can work in polling mode if no interrupt is allocated for it. I think these cards can still be aaudio for beginners, since they aren’t collector’s items or high priced and because they are actually available.


Board index All times are UTC. Do sbiload —v 1 to see evidence that it has loaded std.

Vintage ISA Audio Sound Card Avance Logic Als h Taiwan Tested | eBay

Reportedlyearlier ALS non-plus cards did not have this limitation. BAT suffices to initialize aurio card on each boot. Reducing it to 22 kHz solves the problem.

The mapping of mixer controls is inconsistent. I did not alx100 to guess the resources used when PnP is disabled. Note that this is no cure, but relieves the distress and is more of an interim solution. It is, however, better than throwing the card into the bin or using a flamethrower on it.


The latter gets you the ROM sound font, which is hardly stellar as sound fonts go. Did not check to see if the config files edits were sufficient by themselves.

Aduio if you have an older desktop machine or a portable these cards might be worth a try. Sometimes it just starts working after a reboot; sometimes it doesn’t. With a daughterboard installed, MIDI is played by sending it to port On the downside, it doesn’t work right with DN3D, and it’s apparently an obscure chipset for which drivers are hard to find.

If you’re not using it at all then look for an option to disable it.

Here we go again. Yet another broken kernel driver. Restart alsa, then als sound a music player, play a file and close the player.


Discussion about old sound cards, MIDI devices and sound related accessories. The defaults that I got had the volume set to zero, bass and treble set to weird.

PC audio for luddites

Enough has been written about “the” Sound Blaster 16 SB16 that I won’t repeat it all here, but it’s important to note that “the” SB16 is really a bunch of different models that evolved in several important ways over a span of about 5 years.

It also lowers the volume, so we have to compensate in the mixer. I did a bit of online search and found out, that these models aren’t bad at all.

You just have to load the ALSA module and specify the magic numbers thusly:. Especially the OpAMP had caps installed which were off by factor This text was written months ago and saved as text file ony my hard disk. Loaded instrumentbank This fix was applied in kernel 3. To get the module to load I had to specify the port manually:.