Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It just may find a spot in my bag permanently. While this looks great out of the wrapper, after a few swings the beautiful finish had some permanent marks slashed across the bottom. The shaft is inserted into the head and fastened with a titanium end-screw. Because misses high on the clubface of a deep-faced club typically produce an acceptable ballflight, drivers in the recent years have gone deeper and deeper. Look and Feel The Alpha C

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Alpha Golf Drivers – Alpha C Plasma Titanium Golf Driver

Available in left hand lofts: Plasma welding technology is used to reduce unnecessary weight around the face to produce an extremely solid and lighter constructed head for an incredible feel upon impact.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts plzsma email. I can see why Golf Digest rated the C Well, I was wrong… and it nearly is: After spending a few months with the C Very pleased and highly recommend this driver with an xs shaft for anyone who wants to get huge and start competing!

The Alpha has followed suit with the C Conclusion Alpha has quite the club on its hand. Look and Feel The Alpha C Reduction of torque means less turning of the clubface and a much straighter ball flight.


Alpha C830.2 Driver Review

And I was aboutaloha with the Alpha. May well it continue. True to the nature of technology and the limits imposed by the USGA, there was no noticeable difference in the distance I hit the Alpha. There is nothing dull when addressing a ball with this club.

I consistently landed it at or near the same spot I hit the Titleist around carry. What flex should I select?

Adjust your club with the shaft that matches your swing on the driving range, then take your new custom driver on the course to drive long and straight down the fairway. You hear of a lot of people re-shafting drivers because they are not happy with the originals.

Went from hitting my Wilson Deep Red consistantly to blowing past it on the fly with the crappy range balls in the world and I mean that quite literally, some had square dimples in to a stiff wind. If any golf club is found to infringe upon a trademark or patented design, please notify us and it will promptly be removed.

Men’s or Women’s Men’s Women’s. Proven with multiple Long Drive Championship wins, the C The standard information including loft, and clubhead size is stamped on the bottom for your reading pleasure.


While the spin rate felt low boy do I wish I had a launch monitor I think it may have been more than the Titleist because of what appeared to be more sidespin turn in the flight. Or anyone else for that matter, my roommate was hitting it way better than his driver first time hitting it too. This helps give the C It just may find a spot in my bag permanently.

Alpha C830.4 Plasma LX Driver

I hit the 9. Just bought an Alpha C The shaft is inserted into the qlpha and fastened with a titanium end-screw. It produced a ball flight very similar to my Titleist. Stop paying retail prices ever again! This is quite impressive given its regular users, the yard drivers of the LDA.

Golf Digest even singled out the Alpha C Alpha has built a solid club in the C Available in right hand lofts: