We will show examples of data taken at these accelerator runs to demonstrate how the system works. Multi- and thin element dosimeters, variable heating rate schemes, and glow-curve analysis have been employed to improve environmental and personnel dosimetry using thermoluminescent detectors TLDs. Additional applications of the insturment, in a non-quantative mode, has been tested for possible verification activities involving dismantlement of nuclear weapons. Simultaneous acquisition of deposited energy and the corresponding time – position for each recorded event were analyzed, independently, for both detectors. We anticipate a 3 sigma sensitivity of 1 X 10 superscript -5 photons cm superscript -2 s superscript -1 keV superscript -1 at keV in a 10 superscript 4 sec balloon observation. This paper describes the electronics and data acquisition system used for these two detectors.

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This paper presents the optimisation of PSD electronics and the salient results of the calibration.

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The antineutrino detectors were specifically designed for measurements of the antineutrino flux with minimal systematic uncertainty. DarkSide is a detector for dark matter candidates in the form of weakly interacting massive particles WIMPs.

This page was last updated: Click Start button it should be located at lower-left corner of. We have developed a phoswich neutron detector consisting of an NE liquid scintillator surrounded by an NE plastic scintillator to distinguish photon and neutron events in a charged-particle mixed field.

Background information on performance characteristics of PMT’s and NaI T l detectors is provided, procedures for measurement of relevant parameters are specified, and results of these measurements are presented.

An image beam is projected across the inlet face laterally and transversely for display on the outlet face. We have developed a new system for making speckle observations with the multianode microchannel array MAMA detector. The polarimeter operates in two configurations, one sensitive to a spectral band centered on GHz and faastrate other sensitive to and GHz bands. This complex system is controlled by a single operator via a central user interface.


The phoswich dE-E detector system was used to select beta decay events and measure the ms half-life of 6He. It employs cross-wire and stripline readouts to merge the outputs of the detector pixels to 24 channels. The heart of this camera is an 8×8 close-packed, Nyquist-sampled array of superconducting transition edge sensor TES bolometers.


For the LiI Euthe gamma equivalent energy for thermal neutrons was measured as 3. An ice detector and deicing fluid effectiveness monitoring system for an aircraft is disclosed. If light and heavy fragments are recorded in ‘ne same detectorit may be impossible distinguish the signal from the light fragment.

The ice detection portion is particularly suited for use in flight to notify the flight crew of an accumulation of ice on an aircraft lifting and control surfaces, or helicopter rotors, whereas the deicing fluid effectiveness monitoring portion is particularly suited for use on the ground to notify the flight crew of the possible loss of the effectiveness of the deicing fluid. The collimator slits have any desired width, as small as a few mils at the top, the slit width is jsb controlled, and they are fabricated on standard machines.

A High Resolution Phoswich Detector: A readout electronics scheme is under development for high resolution, compact PET positron emission tomography imagers based on LSO lutetium ortho-oxysilicate, Lu. The phoswiched detection system has the advantage of a high neutron detection efficiency and short die-away time.


These results demonstrate that the bolometer detector system will serve as an excellent detector for the high accuracy infrared spectrophotometer. Alce emphasis is put on keeping overall costs low while achieving all required goals: A DOI accuracy of A gamma and neutron phoswich was developed for spectroscopic personal radiation detectors SPRDs.

The ice detection portion comprises a temperature sensor and a parallel arrangement of electrodes whose coefficient of coupling is indicative of the formation of the ice, as well as the thickness of the formed ice.

Trigger and Readout System for the Ashra-1 Detector. Parameters, important for the detector safety, are used for alert generation and interlock mechanisms. Impacts to thermal protection systems must be detected and the damage evaluated to determine if repairs are needed to allow safe re-entry. There are three boxed areas in the absence of any radon daughters from.

Will Win7 work with 2 cable modems simultaneously? They allow communication between the computer and the devices. A bolometer detector system was developed for the high accuracy infrared spectrophotometer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to provide maximum sensitivity, spatial uniformity, and linearity of response covering the entire ffastrate spectral range. Item Location see all Item Location.