The last question is when you tune it do you want it to be as overstable as possible, understable are in-between. Throw it overhand into a large garbage receptacle. I know a dude that throws it backhand for pinpoint accuracy, and is right on with it. You really don’t want one. Send a private message to prerube. Yes, he has a rating and its and hes a grandmaster.

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This sums it up the best Quote: Once I threw a few bombs with it, I thought to myself “I know a dozen people who could still out drive me with rollers” and it now has a permanent spot in a dark corner of the closet. Thanks for the advice really do appreciate it. It would have to be an extra large dumpster because the Epic is so unpredictable after leaving the hand.

I bet if this disc were made out of champion-type plastic it would be aerobke more peoples’ bags.

Aerobie Epic Golf Disc Ultra Long Range Driver Epicyclic Design Model A70 | eBay

Nashville, TN Years Playing: Contact Us – Archive – Top. Aerobie Epic Aerohie are your thoughts on the Aerobie Epic? It is also mentioned in nearly every thread about throwing overhand and all worst disc threads.


What do ya’ll think of the Epic?

You really don’t want one. If you don’t get it to work, don’t bother with it, it’s really kind of anti-climactic once you figure it out anyway. But then you couldn’t tune it!

Escondido, CA Years Playing: My epic is never going to have a spot in my bag, I don’t care if I could aetobie it ft.

Send a private message to Cgkdisc. There is a fella on the east coast who plays all am divisions advanced, ad. If you don’t already have a good overhand, you will just hurt yourself and give up before you figure it out.

Send a private message to mashnut. Threw it a few times a month ago but havent gotten to since. Find all posts by JonRoc.

Can anyone confirm this? Even having a well developed overhand technique, I dont throw overhand unless it is the higher percentage shot by a LONG way.

Aerobie Epic Disc Golf Distance Driver

Originally Posted by mashnut. I never throw aerobe for distance, only short range throws through foliage and over bushes. Epics are far from junk nor a novelty, yes the have maximum distance that is not impressive, but with the proper, skill, knowledge and education of how to use this disc you will aerobiie it very effecient workhorse. It’s not very reliable as far as accuracy, but is fun to play with and always gets a lot of ooooos and ahhhhs I’d imagine you need a pretty good overhand and a smooth snap to get it to work.


Stay updated with Aerobie!

Hall of Fame Member:. You have to tune it basically every time you throw it.

Find all posts by jenb. Epic Amazon Review of Aerobie Epic. It requires skill, concentration, and experience. I just got a Aerobie Epic in the mail yesterday and bought it just for tomahawks and thumbers. Disc Golf Courses in the United States: HTML is not translated!