September 8, at 7: Claiming linux support is false advertising. You will need to build the driver from http: Proudly powered by WordPress. Just the RAID functionality is a drama?

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I installed 2 set of server and using SA.

Adaptec – Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID SA

Here is the email exchanges: Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4. See that is the thing Rom: By using our site, you acknowledge that 14220sa have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Not sure whether it will be recognized without raid or not work at all, but you could try tracking down the kernel version that the redhat driver is built against aaptec using the redhat driver.

Luckily I decided to surf the net and see what the reviews on the card were like. June 4, at Just because a card is fakeraid doesnt meant it will be of no use, im planning to use a SA purely as a sata controller for my md array.

Драйверы для ADAPTEC 1420SA для Linux

I have decided to do this in my own style, and I hope to avoid the baseless bitching while still telling people why not to use something. September 8, at 7: I will definitely not buy this card. Write cache not catch means that the memory on the asaptec caches the writes adxptec that the OS can go on, and then as the drives can handle the data it writes it out.


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Even the most expensive ones are slower than almost anything else. August 23, at 5: Well, bye bye Adaptec.

Website for the card says that SuSE is supported. I can tell you that I personally have NO plans to purchase ANY more hardware from Adaptec and I will advise all the technology departments that 1420as can to also follow this plan. April 25, at 2: Man how expensive is a real hardware solution for an 0,1,10 RAID device. Iain k 13 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

January 8, at 7: The afaptec of non Windows operating systems that they do support is meager at best and only includes versions that are at least a year old.

Adaptec 1420SA is JUNK!

You perfectly could set up a redundant md device and write the bootloader to both disks I believe this is even supported by the Debian text installer to achieve a very similar result with standard Linux tools which are independent from the storage controller. Even in “host raid” aka fakeraid mode you might check out if you can ilnux dmraid to work with it, but usually it is not worth the trouble.

My conclusion after those years is: The good Adaptec cards as we know them from the SCSI-era were designed by a different type of engineers. If you need storage solutions for redundancy — hardware or fake RAID — you also need an extra identical controller card that you have tested to be working in the running system.


With a low-end Adaptec fake-raid in a server with slow CPU, it is probably more cost effective to buy a complete new server, install the OS, controller card and rebuild the array from there. However, it seems like a few of you have gotten the card to work with Linux drivers. Adaptec is not a company someone really need today. May 31, at That means that as soon as something attempts to write to the drive it gets written, but you are limited to the speed the drive can write information Write cache not catch means that the memory on the card caches the writes so that the OS can go on, and then as the drives can handle the data it writes it out.