Well just got back from my tournament. Dear Santa, My Wish List. Hit a few in a field next to my house and I cannot believe how long it is. Once again, not trying diminish your situation, I would be made as hell. Here is one right here: By utilizing the advanced shaping and weight distribution of Boxer Technology, we successfully optimized the mass properties for distance first, then forgiveness. After trying the Callaway Ft-i and being converted to it, I thought I would try the Adams Insight to see how it compared.

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I went to Roger Dunn today in search of a new driver my custom one broke. This is an A3, which is 3 years and about 7 drivers old. I think I will keep it with the dimple in it untill it breaks hope not. Then I was getting 20 to 30 yards more, due to the fact I was hitting a lower launch angle and the extra roll. I am moving to taylormade John, Like I mentioned in my response to Army Colonel your story is quite unusual.

Your email address will not be published. In addition to endorsing golg products, pro golfer Tom Watson assists in design and testing. Blue is definitely a high launch shaft where Red is low.

Nickent also offers a square and traditional… remember 5 years ago when new technology was simply weighting adjustments and new metals…. Love the clubs so hope this one lasts longer. However, I have a pretty high launch now and am worried that the Grafalloy xtr balloon my drives it is made for med to high launch.


It has no feel to it at all. They have the square a3 which resembals the sumo2, and the more traditional looking a3 os alot like the sumo. I reckon it must hit the ball long and straight. However, Adams is more than just a one-trick pony. I hope my post helps insitht all those considering this club.

Adams Introduces Insight XTD Driver

In order to maintain accuracy, and therefore uphold credibility in the values, a minimum quantity of “recent” historical data is required within the PGA Value Guide’s statistical analysis model. Hit about 30 shots in wet conditions with soft acams range balls and every one of them went and straight as an arrow. Great club for playing…an albatros adxms you start having my problems.

Not only was my skinny draw back, I could, at will straighten it out, or put a nice little fade on the ball with great accuracy…and longer by yards, well, according to the launch monitor.

Adams Golf Insight XTD Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Adams had built a career in golf manufacturing as a component supplier and contract manufacturer. How totally embarrassing, I emailed Adams and the did not reply. Here is a Prolaunch 45g if you want it. This particular one was a 8. The PGA Value Guide provides additional information about the number of transactions a value is based on as well as the most recent transaction date.


You see we had demo days at the country club I work at. Bought XTD A3 a month ago. I used to have a problem with hooking up until I bought the Callaway which helped me incredibly but I was amazed at the difference the Insight made. I am now looking at TaylorMade, Cobra, Ping…heck, just about anyone.

Adams Golf Introduces Insight XTD Drivers (Bag Drop) – The Sand Trap

What a great beastie it is. Adams have insgiht this model as soon as they realised the design fault. The driver seemed great — until the head flew off. Just purchased adams ext insight and WOW!!!

Going to play this weekend for the true test. Ask the Long Drivers of America.