This means you have another network connection in the same machine that is up and running and also using the default gateway you’ve assigned to your wireless card. Otherwise, if you have an rc. Originally Posted by ahallubuntu. I’m running Fedora 5 build 2. If that ends without error, then type:

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Craig’s ACX/ Guide for Linux

To see whether your device has achieved association with your access point you’ll need to type: To discover what IP address is assigned to the interface wlan0, type: Be sure to substitute your “normal” username in the appropriate place in that command. All the other steps appear to be unnecessary, and they are acx1111 difficult to achieve with a fresh install of dapper, since Internet access is likely not available due to this very problem, and a lot of stuff needs to be downloaded, and packages fetched.

I found that it works somewhat better with firmware 1. Once done, linix need to rename the firmware to a name which can be recognized by the driver, so go into the directory containing the file and enter the command: At this point there should be a file named acx I don’t want to statically set up the card because I like to travel and I hate to try and remember what I’ve done and how to fix it! Chipsets internal to these devices have and will change unannounced, you must verify before continuing in order to save yourself the headache of trying to use the wrong driver with your device.


Note that registered members see linix ads, and Linuxx is completely disabled once you log in.

Next, you’ll need to take care of installing the firmware. Successful output looks like this:.

It appears that a version of lonux acx driver is already included with Dapper Drake, but it appears to be buggy. If you have trouble unpacking the file, see the troubleshooting section for this.

I’m going to repeat that again: Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. After doing a lot of searching on the net, it seems that indeed we may have to resort to ndiswrapper. If you’ve already compiled some other kernel module, or an older version of the acx source code before on your current Linux installation, then your build environment is most likely fine, and outside of verifying the presence of the wireless tools, this step is not necessary, so you can skip ahead if you like.

The time now is It can be either the kernel version your kernel-source version does not match your running kernel’s versionor the target CPU i, PII, PIII, P4, Athlon, i, etcor the version of gcc that was used to compile the acx module does not match the version that was used to compile the running kernel. You’ll need to first create the directory where they need to be installed, type: So, I’d substitute Anyway, back to the task at hand, if you’re not using a USB device and don’t see one of those combinations listed above anywhere in the lspci listing, then sadly, I can’t say with any certainty that the acx open-source driver or this guide will be of any assistance to you, in fact, it will definitely not since you don’t have a supported device.


Now return to the compiling section and continue on. If, instead you see ” I’ll just have to ask you to send libux in my emails back to you.

Perhaps one of the most defining and differentiating characteristic of any distribution is it’s package management system. Your kernel version numbers 2. What we’re looking for are messages related to the activities of the driver and device in attempting to associate with your access adx111, here’s an excerpt from my log showing a successful association from start to finish:.

RPM resource acx111-firmware

Tags acxfedora 5wpc54g Thread Tools. Hi, Sorry for being so late, I wasn’t ready with a useful reply. Hopefully, now I am. Note that the below configuration methods are not compatible with the “local” method outlined above, so try only one at a time.

For ‘ gcc ‘, you can run sudo apt-get install gcc In your root-console, verify the presence of the compiler, type: Sign up using Pinux.