Per a decision made by the Ubuntu Kernel Team, bugs will longer be assigned to the ubuntu-kernel-team in Launchpad as part of the bug triage process. Just after receiving this error, type: Next, we need to discover if your chosen distribution of Linux has already installed an older version of this driver on your system. I currently have Slackware 9. No such device wlan0: You will also need to make the same edit in the file:

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To do that, you’ll want to change to the kernel source directory with: Next, we need to discover if your chosen distribution of Linux has already installed an older version of this driver on your system.

July 15th, 3. My output looks like this:.

Texas Instruments ACX100/TNETW1100, ACX111/TNETW1130, ACX100USB, TNETW1450 devices

linud You may be wondering what’s going to happen should you decide to shut down the computer or reboot it. Wireless, ACX driver installation sudo modprobe acx Code:. Of course, you’ll be substituting both the actual IP address of wlan0 returned on your system for ” No need to worry about firmware dir, it now use fully hotplug.

If the scan completed successfully and you see your access point listed, then try to associate again, first, type: Moving old drivers out of the way If lunux older driver was found on your system above and you’d like to move it out of the way, then type: If you are able to search the filenames contained within the packages as opposed to the package names themselves then search on “gcc” to determine what package to install for the compiler.


If you still can’t turn up anything that looks like a package manager, try running: Then, make sure you have a matching. I’m going to outline what I did.

Lijux tool may work, or, it may not, and if it fails, it will most certainly do a number of things that will have to lihux undone, and, not having every version of every Linux distro installed on my machines, I won’t be able to tell you what needs to be “undone”. PCI card users, re-check the physical installation of the card, and try switching it to another PCI slot, if possible. It may take some time to download completely to your browser.

Craig’s ACX/ Guide for Linux

At this point it’s time to go back lonux being the root user, so axc again type: This bug is now reported against the ‘linux’ package. Then you’ll need to copy the aforementioned files to that directory, taking care that their names are preserved, and if necessary changed to be exactly as listed above.

However, I haven’t had much success with the new generic mac based driver package, so if the Ubuntu driver is already based on -that- one, then the current failure is not too surprising either.

Once you have your wireless and networking settings recorded and the source lnux and firmware tarballs in hand, if you are not already booted to Linux, go ahead and do so. If this upgrade does not fix your problem, please reopen this bug report, and refresh any information that was requested before. Post as a guest Name. You’ll now need to mount the medium you used previously to store the source code tarball and copy lijux move it to a directory on your Linux partition.


If you’ve verified the presence of your kernel-source and you’re using a 2. For the acx they are named gplus.

Wireless, ACX driver installation Well the problem is, my wireless connection is in the list, so i click it and then i limux to enter my password. It’s true that they are the absolute authoritative repository of the official kernel sources, yet your distro is likely to have modified that source to suit them and that’s why they provide their own kernel-source package.

Can you now click the little Network Manager icon and connect? Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. You can verify that the old driver was moved by typing: You will also need the firmware, so download it here: Many times these wireless-tools are not installed unless a “recognized” wireless card is inserted at installation time.

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