If you want to learn how to type accurately before purchasing an Accutype keyboard, consider using Accutype touch typing lessons. Not sure is it possible they got a whole batch of keyboards with defect. Email required Address never made public. If you want to benefit from a proper palm rest, consider the AccuType keyboard. Never again for me. I have had the exact same problem since I bought it in January or February ‘ I’m looking for this screen saver if it exists.

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Lenovo AccuType keyboard problems

One of the biggest complaints about the AccuType keyboard is that the keys are unresponsive on integer computers. On my E and even my T60, I am a fast typist for someone kebyoard trained.

I returned to the store where I bought it today and the sales guy basically said ” oh yes that’s the way they areall you have to do is avoid the key with the and just do alt 6 4 or alt 2. Notify me of new posts by email. These keyboards have been a topic of discussion for acfutype Lenovo customers.

Lenovo Accutype Keyboards Offer More Comfortable Typing Experience

You could especially express files and printers of the PCs with Replacement windows 7 regarding the network. Apple company 2nd Demographic Core iM.

Unresponsive The slight inward slope of the keys is meant to create an easier, more comfortable typing experience. I did alt 6 4 and like magic after a brief hesitation there was the missing. However, they are currently updating them with the additional backlit feature. I asked if there was a book or manual for this keyboard and he said no, just the box.



You will also have the benefit of error-free documents. The program makes use of traditional teaching techniques while also providing flexibility for individual learning style. Did they suggest any solution at least, like rutning off the feature called Accutype? There seem to be a major problem with Lenovo’s AccuType keyboards that no one is talking about.

If Lenovo told you that’s normal, what our choice?

Lenovo AccuType keyboard problems (Z and others with AccuType) : Lenovo

Report Inappropriate Content tags: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. For the next generation of ThinkPad laptops, however, Lenovo appears to be replacing the classic keyboards with AccuType keyboards featuring chicklet or island-style keys.

The left side of the KB flexes an awful lot, and the keys have to be struck dead-centre and rather hard to respond. Not in all countries.

Basically what happens is that characters are not recognized if not pressed directly in the middle of the key. Not sure is it possible they got a whole batch of keyboards with defect. In addition, the program will adjust to help focus more on the particular areas that you are in need of improvement. So I’ve been searching around the internet trying to find out whether there are any significant differences in AccuType keyboard mechanics between different types of Lenovo laptops in this case the Flex 2 and the ThinkPad.


This gets very noticeable if you type fast not looking at the keyboard. In your most excellent entertainment experiencechoose a Laptop computer with Ms windows 7. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In preparation for your Accutype keyboard arrival, you may want to use the services of another Accutype.

Lenovo AccuType keyboard problems – video dailymotion

Message 2 of Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. If you want to learn how to type accurately before purchasing an Accutype keyboard, consider using Accutype touch typing lessons. I too don’t see easy way to fix this particular issue, when new keyboard doesn’t seem to help. This subreddit is community driven and not affiliated with Lenovo.

As you know that involves a. If you are interested in hearing more about the pros and cons of the AccuType keyboard, continue reading.

Palm Rest Many people do not take the palm rest into consideration when purchasing a keyboard.