For a DCM boost inductor, this energy is recycled back to the input. At least for my taste better than just reducing the anode voltage. I searched around for a simple high voltage generator and found this circuit which uses a timer to get an adjustable, regulated high voltage output between V and V. Often people simulate such circuits to get an idea of what is happening, especially the power dissipation of certain components. February 3, Author: The power through a boost mode converter is regulated by varying the duty cycle of the switching element.

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It nixue connect between output and ground. Wise Clock 3 – Pong. This phase margin looks to be greater than 45 degrees. Florin C May 23, at 5: Ken May 31, at 7: I have since eliminated the current limiting resistors and redrawn the circuit. Ken May 23, at Replacing the Schottky diode saved an additional 0.

Optimizing the 5v to 170v Nixie Tube Power Supply Design (Part 2)

This limits the output power to approximately 3. The bottom trace shows the same current through the FET. Most micro-B connectors have a 1. The transient performance is great, and the efficiency has been optimized using off the shelf magnetics and components. So the key requirements are:.


The transistor in the upper part is wired into the high voltage supply line between power supply and the nixie anode resistors. This is because for me it is more challenging the boost type and there is 5555 need to use a transformer. I try to respond if my time allowes, which is not always the case. The MAX requires an external transistor the Mc does not. Great article, I am enjoying what I am reading!

Nixie tube High-Voltage Power Supply

This design is intended as an Open Source Hardware. For the best performance, the Epcos was great but has a height of 13mm and a larger footprint. There’s also an average of about 5 mA being wasted in R1. Switch your brain on, think, reconsider and then act.

You may wonder where the energy stored in C15 goes? The Bourns performed worse than the Wurth inductor when mounted on the PCB, while slightly 555 when mounted away. Dimming the Nixies by Peter H. The schematic is standard, but there seem to be a few variations.

Nixie Tube HV Driver | Circuit | Pinterest | Nixie tube, Electronic schematics and Circuit

This is inexpensive, but requires some tweaking and adjusting values of resistors and capacitors. But I still can’t figure out where the mA drawn from the input is going when there isn’t a load.


This will require some more parts. Thanks Mark Like Like. SillyClock with dual LED matrix shield. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read mixie updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Thanks Allan for the great comment and help to make this USB compliant.

The feedback loop uses the input voltage as a reference so it’s more like a regulated voltage ‘multiplier’. By the way, the “regulator” 55 of the circuit is NOT using the input voltage as its reference, it’s using the forward voltage of Q1’s B-E junction as its reference.

If you’re serious about developing switchmode power converters, you definitely need to get an oscilloscope so that you can see these effects for yourself.