VT emulation does not recognize all character attributes at it would on the WY Japanese Microsoft Windows NT 4. German – Fixes Unrecognized Card error message. French – Installs final USB 2. Autologin consuming all CPU time and is having a bad effect on system performance until process completes. Russian – Adds USB 2.

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Greek – Official release of USB 2. If you encountered problems with new programs crashing on your device, this update will help prevent future crashes.

Incorrect handling of chained Printer blocks in printing. Compaq Interconnect Switches OS: Many properly formatted USB hard drives and flash devices can be booted. D, akhirnya chioset nulis lagi deh. Finnish – Installs final USB 2.

US English – Enhances the chipsft calibration feature. Added RapidLaunch Troubleshooting Guide to help system.

Build 11 of the add-on: Global – Adds performance improvements. English, Japanese, T-Chinese, S-Chinese – Additional support for re-occurring calendar, task and all day event appointments.


Czech – Installs final USB 2.

CMPAQGBATA, 15GB Compaq IDE/ATA RPM in 1in 40p MB/s HDD Evo s

Global – Improves AGP support. German – Bluetooth Manager v1. Euro key not displayed in a IBM emulation. Incorrect Jetcet version according to registry settings. US English, Global – Improves audio volume gain settings. Global – Adds microcode update for new Celeron B1 processor stepping. US English – Updates video bios. US Chlpset – Enhances the system password feature.

OEMPCWorld Memory Configurator

Codepage default now always set by WBT input properties. Greek – Adds USB 2. French – Adds USB 2.

Slovakian – 512e5a USB 2. Global – Addresses an issue where the system can stop functioning, until rebooted, if there are multiple users created on the system and the system enters Standby or Hibernation while at the login screen. Czech – Installs final USB 2. Slovenian – Installs final USB hcipset. US Global – Improves hibernation resume times on large memory configurations. Finnish – Official release of USB 2. Nulls are passed through parallel port causing characters to be printed in forms.


Global – Adds a new option in F10 Setup to allow enabling or disabling of the Integrated audio when a second audio card is present.

15GB Compaq IDE/ATA100 7200RPM 3.5in 1in 40p 100MB/s HDD (p/n CMPAQ-15GBATA10035)

Global – Improves AGP support. Print complete is now only sent to the host after the print data is flushed from the emulations print buffer.

US English – Fixes incorrect reporting by power meter applet. Global – Adds microcode patch for Desktop processors with C1 Stepping.

Global – Uses newest ClntMgmt.