Feb 18, Posts: Here I circled U and U on that scanned Rev. So I wanted to make a World list of all the Voodoo5 ‘s just to reveal their real amount and how many have there really been found as built. I was actually looking for some Powerleap adapters to install a Tualatin 1. Of course I got the cards almost for free secondhand, so can’t be too sure about what happened to them before.

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So I use the 6.

I might try to Rit dye the plastic bits. Voodoo Rush was basically their first attempt at that but Rush was awful. They are both Socket 7 boards. After all, it was his card.

Yet you still haven’t my questions about the BIOS or your chipset drivers. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. After doing that it did install as a AGP but using the number after the ; didn’t resolve a perfect imagethe lines appeared again which I didn’t get when using 98SE. To be added to my Wold V6K Lists I will need some small info from your card s so hereby this quick guide that will show you how to identify your Revision and PCB date of your Voodoo5 video card s: HDDs stacked on top of each other can be fatal if anything tips over, plus you will most definitely get overheating problems which can induce head crashes: Which looks like this in an enlarged format: I tried it in a few different configurations i.


I too sat down last night and read almost this entire post in entirety and even watched the discussion video. A1 used the more modern vokdoo3 round sealed capacitors. First 3dfx i had was voodoo agp, agp then last was AGP. I bought an Adaptec with a 10K hard drive for this system.

3dfx Voodoo5 6000 & 5000 World Owner Lists, Reseach & What I did for the 3dfx communities.

They rampagee agile enough and the acquisition of STB probably didn’t help any, besides also ending up wrecking financials. I never owned one but I always kind of wanted one. Here Omega Supreme’s Rev. A3these also had different backplates, the part we called the mounting bracketbackplate is also the official naming for it.

VOGONS • View topic – Voodoo3 and the VSA

Jan 18, Posts: Some Nostalgia just never dies. Geforce2mx was an amazing card for the money in it’s day.

Feb 18, Posts: I have no good knowledge on Socket 7 boards didn’t want to go back that far myself ;sorry, I used to have a FIC board board voodok3 it was great till I sold it. Wln2k Feb 16, 3: Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada Status: A1which explains that he has 3 cards in total ; Here some information about the 3 Voodoo5 variants, which can be read here: When I get shit organized, I’ll snap a pic of it.


Goodbye 3Dfx – February 19, 2002

Twystyd Ars Scholae Wim2k Registered: Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: The ex-3dfx programmers and fans that have the ability to program have been keeping us occupied with our 3dfx cards the past ra,page years and from this very day on they will keep on doing that for us.

ATI’s CrossFire is MAXX improved, only it used Tile Based Rendering which is imo the best way to avoid page tearing and ugly seams which gave ugly image quality, the Geforce 6 and 7 series camped with this issue a lot, the GeForce 8 series fixed this.

I even remember when the first Radeon card came out. The reason why 3dfx made this card with an AGP x4 connector is somewhat strange, since they never anticipated to build an AGP x2 model they just went on and made it like this instead which still troubles my mind as that of others.

It’s that long narrow chip just left from the 3dfx logo.