It is a modem cable where all of the 9 pins are 1: Drivers for SIM are available for 32 and 64 bits Windows systems, they are. Version B is equipped with more memory and offers more functionality. The Extra tariff parameter defines transmitting of fixed quantity of tariff pulses after call start. Page 14 Description 2. Each tone has a different melody. Page 58 Technical Parameters 5.

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2n EasyGate GSM Wireless Gateway | eBay

Run the PCManager and select the language for displaying texts on the righthand side. Your manual failed to upload Parameters are saved when the saving tone is transmitted. Page 6 Page 7 1 1. The minimum distance of the antenna and pacemakers should be 0.

Username, Keyword, DNS, etc. The interface the link 2N EasyGate serves not only to save costs but also to offer other possibilities for communication, for example, send and receive SMS and fax messages, thanks to GPRS you.


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Page 68 General Instructions and Cautions 6. Apn setting, Network connection setting, Data connection using usb port 4.

Choose the one that suits you best. Table of Parameters Prefix Function No.: This parameter prevents SMS sending in the event of short-time activation.

Page 56 Page 57 5 5. Page 23 3 3. Example of Typical Connection. Page 63 List of Figures 6. The input is designed for the switching contact connected between the input pins.

2N® EasyGate – GSM/UMTS Gateway – 2N

The fax communication service must be registered with your GSM operator. Table of Parameters Extra tariff Function No.: The gateway can also be used for monitoring. Username, Password, Dial number according to information from your mobile. FAQ Are you still looking for more information?

When this wizard is not available, you have to use manual setting according following instructions.

Default timeout is 20 seconds. The maximum CSD transmission rate is.


2N Easygate PRO Analog 3G Gateway – 850/2100

The antenna should be mounted vertically. Table of Parameters 3. Description of field codes: Another advantage is greatly appreciated regular SMS messages about the current status of the gateway, ie, the signal strength, number of calls, etc.

The CSD mode can provide data connection. Sales Area Selling Propositions Fixed-line replacement. In the event that you.

For hardware version A can be used only formware 1. Where a source other than the included power supply adapter is used, the voltage range and polarity shown on the EasyGate power supply connector have to be maintained. T-Mobile Movem republic used.