May I kindly ask you how is magenta and red on this display. This means no brigade incitements, personal attacks, or “mentioning” a user in order to annoy or harass them, etc. From what I gathered Ryzen doesn’t fair well with idle, since Intel had a few generations focusing on optimizing for mobile. One of the long struggles with gaming on notebooks has been the software ecosystem. Hey, thanks again for answering my questions. I am intersted about which vendor and product number is shown there?

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I say subjective of course because it’s from my personal use not any standard science or testing method. Just picked one up from the walmart sale.

They are very quiet if they scqnner even on like during 25000u maybe. Since you only got the Notebook yesterday, you can get it exchanged at the store you purchased it from. Rule 6 Use original sources. If you ever find a solution to the fan noise let me know.

DXN/U | Sharp Digital MFPs / Printers | Sharp Global

Yes, it is all a bit strange. Have you happened to try the world of Warcraft bfa expansion on this laptop? Hardware ID suggests screen is manuf. Given I’m not a Macbook person by extension of that fact, I was still shocked just how pricey yet also very dated their devices are. No bamboozling Links Tech Scanjer Megathreads: This sxanner a great place to get support, find answers to your technical queries. Raj I am an HP Employee.


AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Mobile APU Performance with Raven Ridge

I’m very impressed with AMDs CPU lineup and want to do all I can to support their progress and future development by using their new hardware as it comes out. But so far I it looks like the only choice.

If you’re thinking about it, go for it 8o. Use of slurs of any kind, racial, homophobic, or whatever, in any context will result in a ban.

Log in or sign up in seconds. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. HBM2 could serve like big L3 cache for the cpu it’s so fast. Although seeing as how this is still an integrated GPU and significantly slower than a MX even, I doubt anyone would seriously consider one of these for GPU rendering.

I hope some other companies learn from Huawei’s Matebook D example. It’s unfortunate as I was planning on grabbing the Matebook D.

While this is a platform agnostic review, glad AMD has done a better job of getting appropriate platforms for their products out first scqnner Carrizo was really gimped outside of the Lenovo y and even there in some respects. How do I go about changing my only drive in a laptop?


I purchased the Huawei Matebook D 14in Ryzen U ultrabook. : Amd

Shitposts, memes, and plain svanner pictures are not allowed as linkposts you can still include them within normal posts or comments. So why would I get the HP?

So, something like this would work? Screen crashes showing green and black color 3.


I am so tempted to pick one up and test my 2 pc games, eve online and elite: It does both perfectly. As in like, not loud at all.

The Matebook D doesn’t have space for a 2nd internal drive. Since typing and working with text code is what Scanjer do most, I’ll skip it. Perhaps that individual received a bad unit. I’m good with 8 hours flat even personally.