109E 036E DRIVER

This page was last modified on 22 January , at First, you need the btaudio module see Gerd Knorr’s instructions , which can be inserted like this:. The hack that resolves the problem involves commenting out 6 lines in bt On power-on, boot with Win98 with btpcivid. I may need to hack the drivers to change the filenames or see if I can make them dependent on a certain revision of the hardware.

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The cards are good and cheap, and well-supported in Linux.

Bug # “Bttv radio tuner just gives noise” : Bugs : linux-source package : Ubuntu

Sat Jan 13, 5: Without option “quiet splash” kernel print: Analog capture can be made to work, but the card needs to be initialized by a Win98 driver. Both using the AverMedia driver. Brooktree 019e Bt Video Capture [e: AUDIO driver version 0. Except they’re not and they don’t.

This may sound counterintuitive, if you already hear the sound through your sound card to your speakers, but you need to activate a different channel to capture.

I will probe address range 0xx But mencoder is unable to pick up 109f sound.


For recording off the tv-card, you’ll likely have to instruct your mixer to use a particular capture channel. I’m curious if you blacklist the module so that you can boot without hanging, I assume if you then manually load the module it hangs?

The PCI ID Repository

Both ntsc-cc and zvbi works for Closed captioning. The second of the two devices on the PCI bus — the audio capture devices — means that it is technically possible to get the audio straight off the PCI 109f. I’m test with Ubuntu 8. Fri Jan 12, But with the 2. I then insert the btaudio module turning off the digital 036w. Even if I used the radio tuner that comes with xawtv to make the testing when stuff didn’t work.

[ubuntu] ee bttv

Since they’re as far as Windows cares utterly identical then a reboot is functionally equivalent to taking both cards out and swapping the PCI slots they’re in.

Can’t load kernel via deadloop bug in bttv module Bug reported by troosh on Same problem, like in many others linux distribution The capture switch has to be on, but it likely already is.


Jan 21, Posts: Would you then be able to capture the entire dmesg output and attach it here? Or 036ee least in the right neighborhood. Not using a gui may seem like a hassle and you 109d well be able to do all this with alsamixergui, kmix, aumix-gtk, etc. The Audigy2 Value, card, for instance, just needs. For the moment, I’ll leave the following failed attempt at getting btaudio to work in place — that is to say, an attempt without the benefit of the Win98 initialization.

Without performing initialization by this.

I also forgot to ask if you could do this with the 2. Mar 12, Posts: These are available only on the aftermarket at this point. The card seems to load just fine. Kernel version has no bearing on the matter.